What You Should Do After a Car Accident

You make it your business to stay safe on the road. You take no liberties with the traffic laws.
You drive to survive. You remain constantly alert to signs of danger. Your driving record is
spotless, which reflects your interest in personal safety. Other drivers do not share this ethos.
Many of them are perfectly fine with sending texts while driving, speaking to passengers,
breaking traffic laws, and engaging in distracting behavior.
If you have encountered such a reckless driver and they have caused an accident which harmed
you, it is essential to know your rights and to protect them. Hiring a Los Angeles accident attorney will help you do both.
What to do After a Collision

No one wakes up in the morning anticipating a traffic accident. If you are like most people, you
go about your daily routine and expect to come home safe and sound in the evening. Although
the possibility of a traffic accident may not be uppermost in your mind, you must nevertheless
prepare for it. You should know the actions to take in the unfortunate event of a car wreck. They
are as follows:
1. Remain calm and on scene
Do not leave the site. Doing so will put you in legal jeopardy. Once the officer who has
responded to the accident takes your statement, they will release you. Unless you are taken away
by ambulance, you must remain at the scene until the police speak to you.
2. Check yourself
You may not feel any pain immediately. This does not mean you are not hurt. The impact of an
accident can leave certain parts of your body numb. To determine whether you have been
seriously hurt, you should check yourself with your hands.
3. Call emergency services
This should be one of the first things you do. The operator will ask you direct questions. Give
them direct answers. Try to be clear and precise.
4. Get driver info
You will approach the other driver and they will come over to you. This is natural. Make sure
you get their name, phone number, and insurance information. There is no need to assign blame
for the accident. Save that for a later time.
5. Speak to witnesses
If you are physically up to it, speak to bystanders who witnessed the accident. A few of them will

probably want to tell you what they saw. Take advantage of this eagerness and write down what
they have to say. Be sure to get their contact information before you leave.
6. Go to the emergency room
You need ER care. Do not diagnose yourself. At the very least, you must generate a medical
record for insurance purposes. You should also see an ER doctor because they are the only ones
with the training and equipment to determine your state of health. You will not know if you have
sustained internal injuries unless an ER doctor tells you.
7. Gather documents
Do not leave the hospital without hard copies of your medical examination and treatment. You
should also start writing down what you remember about the accident.
8. Contact an attorney
A good Los Angeles accident attorney should be the first person you speak to outside your

family. You should not even submit your insurance claim until you have spoken with a lawyer.
The insurance companies only look out for their interests. You will need someone who is
concerned only with yours.
Why You Need an Attorney
If it is found that the other driver caused the accident, then their insurance company will be
liable. They will need to pay the costs associated with the damages done to your property and the
injuries caused to your body. The priority and operating premise of insurance companies is to
pay as little money as they can to any claimant. The other driver’s insurance company is sure to
approach your case this way. They will offer you a low-dollar settlement. You should say
nothing that commits you to accepting it.
Indeed, you should turn all communications with the insurance company over to your auto injury
attorney. They will know a good offer from a bad one and will advise you as to whether you
should accept the initial offer. If the sum offered covers all your medical expenses and the wages
you lost while you were out of work, your attorney may tell you to take it. If your injuries are
serious, then you will need money that far exceeds the bare minimum offered by the insurance
company. Your lawyer will demand more from them. If they refuse, you will need to file a
The Impact of a Serious Accident
A serious accident can put you out of work for months. It can also compel you to undergo
extensive surgical interventions that are expensive and painful. You will have to spend even
more time afterward in rehabilitation. You will not be able to earn money during this time. And
if you are like most people, your savings are not enough to cover the bills. Things will be even

worse if you sustain a permanent disability. You might be forced to give up your job and may
lose your career altogether.
You should not have to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. It is only right that the
insurance company of the person who hit you share the burden. Your auto injury attorney will
take the steps to get you justice.
What Your Lawyer Will Do
The car accident personal injury attorney you hire should have extensive experience in helping
people like you get compensation from insurance company. The latter are tough and ruthless.
They will do everything possible to not pay what they owe. They will be especially obstinate if
the recklessness of the other driver has caused you a life-changing injury—the kind of injury that
will require you to make significant and highly expensive changes to the way you live.
If your car accident personal injury attorney is forced to sue, they will get the powers they need
to subpoena documents, depose witnesses, and gather other types of evidence from the insurance
company. Such companies have a way of using technicalities and loopholes to avoid paying what
they owe. An experienced lawyer will know how to prevent them from doing so. If the insurer
acts in bad faith, they will put together the evidence and the argument needed to do so. If the
insurance company tries to cast doubt on who was at fault for the accident or the severity of your
injuries, your attorney can respond in kind.
Your lawyer will use their own private investigators to re-examine the facts of the case and to re-
interview the witnesses. The latter can be especially important. Your team may speak to people
that the police did not. This can lead to the discovery of new evidence, including cell phone
footage of the accident, that confirms your version of events.
Your lawyer will also submit statements from medical experts that describe the extent of your
injuries and the long-term affects they will have on your health.
If you have been injured in an accident, you need strong, determined, and committed counsel.
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