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Access to prime management (TM) is that the final responsibility for young apprentices operating in massive audit corporations (GCAs). They start their career as junior listeners however few area units ready to conquer the highest of those organizations.

The characteristics of huge audit firm TMs area unit terribly completely different from those of huge listed teams. In fact, additionally to being shareholders, the TMs of huge corporations area unit all staff and managers with operational or purposeful responsibilities in their corporations. Also, the nomination method is completely different since they have to essentially be elective by their peers generally assembly. we’ve got sought-after to spot the human and skilled qualities that modify young staff of huge audit corporations (GCAs) to access governance bodies. To do this, we have a tendency to conducted a qualitative study that lasted concerning 2 years with nineteen members of GCA’s governing bodies. Our results result in the identification of 4 predictors of career success.

Supply Chain Consulting: The ability of the partner to adapt to the firm’s organization by creating itself visible internally seems to be the primary key criterion for attaining governance. First, the partner should work on its legitimacy, that’s to mention to prove itself from a technical, social control and business purpose of reading. This is, per many respondents, a necessary necessity.

Expertise familiar and recognized

This implies that he has developed by himself a technical ability, recognized by his peers, his collaborators and by his shoppers. concluding vital comes for the firm and succeeding them, making a brand new business and developing it, area unit samples of successes that build the partner additional in-house and increase its legitimacy.

The second criterion relates to the interior network. The partner should so develop his own network to be familiar, not solely at the extent of its business division, however conjointly by the partners of the opposite professions of the firm. this is often all the additional vital once the accession to the highest maneuver is that the results of election or appointment by the president. This involves attending cross conferences and vital events and collaborating on collective missions.

The last criterion is that of communication. The associate should have communication skills and communicatory skills publicly, permitting him to demonstrate his posture and assert himself as an important representative of the firm. These qualities of communication also are vital throughout election campaigns, in so far as he can need to gift his project and defend it, before the assembly of partners.

In order to be recognized by its shoppers, the partner should 1st reach his missions, produce a relationship of trust and proximity with them (while conserving its independence) and produce them satisfaction. He should conjointly acquire information of the market associated reach grade professionalize |of experience} in his field permitting him to be familiar and recognized as an expert on his sector of activity. These parts modify it to develop its external network, significantly with the highest managers of listed teams, and thus to bear in mind of the opportunities. To develop its external visibility, the partner should conjointly develop its infamy within the system, that’s to mention, be familiar by the governmental authorities and therefore the organizations of the economic cloth (like the skilled associations, the academy of the entrepreneurs,

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