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The ability to grow true gem-grade diamonds in an exceedingly science lab has been an extended standing goal of science and business, and one that has been achieved on a restricted basis over the past 5 years.
Unfortunately most media publications square measure typically designed to sell articles, and so usually don’t give shoppers with a real image of the business reality and accessibility of lab-grown 鑽石購買. Further, several sellers of diamond simulants exploit this information gap as the way to misleadingly sell their simulants as ‘lab-grown diamonds’. because the president of a corporation that has been involved each lab-grown diamonds and diamond simulants for over seven years, and having seen the confusion several of those but factual articles have caused, I needed to assist give customers with associate business business executive assessment of what’s and isn’t commercially obtainable, and facilitate educate people who square measure so wanting to buy a real lab-grown diamond. Thus, we start a brief tour of story vs. reality within the lab-grown diamond market (circa 2007).

First and foremost, lab-grown diamonds (real diamond, however not mined) square measure in truth obtainable for jewelry purchase, however on a restricted basis. the many catch although is that this – once the general public think about a diamond, they mechanically think about white diamonds. As of October, 2007, nobody is presently able to supply white (colorless) science lab mature diamonds purchasable on any kind of production basis. notwithstanding what varied reporters write, the truth is merely fancy color diamonds (predominantly yellow, and to a far lesser degree, pink and blue) square measure obtainable.

The reason for that gap between what shoppers need (white lab-grown diamonds) and what labs will deliver (mostly yellow lab-grown diamonds), is thanks to each business price and natural barriers. Let’s discuss the natural barrier initial – yellow diamonds square measure yellow as a result of they incorporate chemical element into their crystal structure. White diamonds square measure white (or clear) as a result of they need abundant less chemical element in their crystal structure. once growing diamonds, however, chemical element may be a catalyst – it considerably hurries up diamond growth, and additionally reduces defects. Thus, you’ll grow a 1ct (finished) yellow in roughly one week, versus growing a similar size white (by proscribing nitrogen) will take you 4-6 weeks (using BARS technique, the default technique currently). In alternative words, chemical element will assist you mature to 6x quantity} yellow diamond as white within the same amount of production time. that is a tricky natural barrier.

The business barrier, is that yellow natural diamonds square measure price rather more than white natural diamonds. In nature, there square measure roughly ten,000 whites for each fancy yellow. Thus, fancy yellows command a far higher worth per carat. science lab mature diamonds usually sell at a reduction however square measure still pegged to their natural counterparts, and since yellow diamonds square measure price over whites, absolutely the damage for yellows is beyond what the market pays for lab grown whites.

Now, if you mix the very fact that labs will grow yellows rather more quickly and simply than whites, which yellow diamonds (lab mature and natural) any command higher costs than whites, you’ll see you have got a severe dis-incentive to supply white diamonds with this technology. White diamonds will and are made by labs (we have some sample photos on our website) however they’re not worth competitive with natural white diamonds at now. Hence, a really huge reason for why there square measure presently no white diamonds obtainable for business sale.

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